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  Below are examples of the kinds of results we create for our clients:
  • Successfully represented various mid-sized to large companies in the Investor Relations, Commercial Leasing and Debt/Collection industries with an emphasis on making sound business decisions to further their potential and growth.
  • Successfully represented individuals to their complete satisfaction, in their Dissolution of Marriage; Child Custody; Child, Spousal and Family Support; as well as the distribution of personal and real property.
  • Successfully represented individuals in their Criminal Defense when apprehended for potential criminal activity; from securing non-bail release, complete dismissal, to trial and acquittal; including plea agreements for lessor charge ranges and infractions; Driving Under the Influence and DMV Administrative Per Se hearings.
  • Successfully represented civil litigants in their personal injury matters, including complete property damage compensation and pain and suffering compensation.
  • Successfully represented individuals and families in their Estate Planning, with the drafting of their Will and Family Trust.
Please note that results for each client are dependent on the facts of each case. Contact us to discuss the specifics of your situation.
Results -- tailored to your circumstances and objectives arising from an effective, practical and professional approach.
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